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Arica Ursulich RN, HHP, CMP

Formostar Encore Infrared Bodywraps



The Formostar Encore Infrared Bodywrap uses Far Infrared heat to penetrate a couple inches into the body to increase the core temperature of the body. This increase in core temperature increases blood flow and metabolism.

The Formostar Encore Infrared Bodywrap burns 900-1,400 calories per session and works over the next three days following a wrap. It helps with pain management, weight loss, stress reduction, cellulite reduction, detoxing, body contouring and slimming - with a clothing size reduction in just 6-10 treatments.   



To make an appt for the Formostar Encore Infrared Bodywrap,

text Arica at 619-204-6165 or visit the scheduling page and make you appt online. Thank you. 

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