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Arica Ursulich RN, HHP, CMP



There has been much confusion and many people getting lost on their way to MamaLacho's. I give directions to many people, some use their GPS or other navigation system to find me - but still people get lost. In hopes of remedying this situation, I will put some basic directions here. Since there are so many different directions that can be given, I have chosen to include only one - to keep it simple.

 Address: 2617 Lemon Grove Ave, Lemon Grove, CA 91945


After the 94 Freeway is exited, make a Right

Turn Right on Lemon Grove Ave

Make a Left on Cypress Ave

Turn into the 4th driveway on the Right

and you're there.


I'm in the same shopping center as Spears Taekwondo Academy and Coop's BBQ  -  he often has a small yellow A-frame sign next to our driveway.

I am right next to the church, "Principe de Paz", it has blue glass doors with large crosses on them.

 I have a small blue sign in the window - white curtains and a ficus tree out front.

I hope this has been helpful and that you don't get lost. See you soon.


Cancellation Policies

Please Note - Due to the high number of "No Show's" and Last Minute Cancellations - it has become necessary to enforce the full charge for all missed appointments.

To avoid this charge - Please give 24hour notice on any scheduled appointment.



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